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Bay High 2.0

If you are reading this newsletter, your life was changed on October 10, 2018. Our families, homes, schools, churches. businesses; our community was dealt a blow that should have erased us from existence. But that is not who we are. We are Bay High.

Lesser schools would have folded and moved. But that is not who we are. We are Bay High.

Weaker student bodies, faculty and staff members would have relocated from the area. But again, that is not who we are. We are Bay High.

Bay High was established in 1925. Our school has seen her way through The Great Depression, World War II, storms, recessions, 9-11, etc. Through those experiences, Bay High has endured as the State's oldest continually accredited school in Florida. Bay High was the first Cambridge University Advanced International Certificate of Education Program in the United States. Our graduates are making an impact around the world in virtually every career field. And Bay High Alumni are deeply entrenched in the success, livelihood, and longevity of Bay County. Panama City would not be Panama City without Bay High School. So let me be blunt: "We ain't goin' anywhere!" Not to minimize last year's hurricane, but it is going to take a lot more than wars, recessions and hurricanes to put us out of the business of educating our young people.

These calamities are more aptly called challenges, or stepping stones if you will. We learn from mistakes. We learn from circumstances. And we are strengthened by challenge. Look at weight lifters. Often times to become stronger, they put more weight on the bar than they can lift and enlist the use of a friend to "spot" them.

The 2019-2020 school year will be one of challenge. We still have a great deal of rebuilding to do. But, I am happy to report, we are now in the architect selection process for a new fine arts auditorium and construction is soon to begin on our new S.T.E.M. Building. You see, we are not striving to replace what we lost, we are looking to create a better school facility.

So in the long run, we will be able to say that what the hurricane meant for evil, we turned to good. It will not be easy. There will be times when we want to quit. And we may sometimes feel that we are fighting the impossible. But as the late great Tom Petty sings, "I won't back down." What phenomenal life lessons our students are going to learn based on their experiences with this challenge. What an opportunity to serve our school and community. What great character will be developed in our students. Combine those ingredients with effort, exceptional instruction and curriculum and the only result you can expect is success.

Academics + Experience + Involvement + Opportunity = World Class Education

Thank you for choosing Bay High School!


Billy May, Principal


Billy May - Principal

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: To provide opportunities and curriculum that are relevant and rigorous so that students demonstrate academic excellence, career readiness, and social sensitivity.

Vision: To provide a strong academic and collegial atmosphere which allows every student to become a transformational leader.



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